30 Nov 2019

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HEARTS AND SPIRITS OF THE TAMED WILDS | Photo Contest | Win 50 $ | Free Entry



We’re looking for people to tell us about the critters they keep as company and as family. Whether they have two, four, or many more legs they’ve got a spirit all their own and we want to see it! It could be your cute cat/dog photos or any other photos that show us the heart of the wild you’ve tamed. No matter the pet they’ve got love to share and this is your chance to share it with the world. Join this photo story contest for the chance to win a cash reward by showing and telling us all about your animal companion.

Content Requirements
Using 5-10 original photos put together a story about your pet to demonstrate their heart.

This story contest is aimed at sharing with the people both big and small who see the true heart and spirit of the wild and of love in their pets.

Prize details:

50 $ cash, 20 winning stories accepted.



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